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I am Light,

I am Energy,

I am Possibilities

I am originally from a small town in Tuscany – Italy.
I grew up feeling loved and pampered by friends and family.


Since a very young age I have been independent, strong minded and I loved nature and adventures. At the age of 5, I was already dreaming of travelling around the world. My mom would read me books about children all over the world and my mind would start travelling and imagining all different places and possibilities.


The teens time arrived and I became rather rebellious, I felt like I wasn’t fitting anywhere and with anyone. In that period I started to practise Ashtanga yoga, and the teaching that I have received back then, stayed with me until nowadays.


At 21 years old, I signed up for a job overseas and from there my travelling adventure began.

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Water has always been an important aspect of my life and for many years I have lived on Liveaboards in very remote areas. I have been working and guiding people underwater in some of the most amazing places on Earth, discovering the importance of being alone, of the silence, of letting go and jumping in the unknown. Every new discovery was bringing me deeper inward.


In my early thirties, my life took a big turn. My daughter was born and she brought a different meaning and energy into my life. My view on things, people and places completely shifted.

In the same year, my best friend got extremely sick and passed away. I knew that incident would change me forever.


Over the years, I completed the following studies and diplomas: I am a Watsu practitioner and a certified swimming teacher for neonatal and postnatal. I have obtained the certification of VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies. I am a certified Medical Qigong trainer and practitioner. I have a Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation through Formula Botanica – UK.

I am also a 200 hours Certified Hatha Yoga teacher and 50 hours Certified Yin Yoga Teacher. I am a certified “Presence” Coach and I have studied Polyvagal Theory with Polyval Institute obtaining a Polyvagal – informed certificate for Coaches. These studies and qualifications have given me the opportunity to do immense work on myself and to confidently be ready to share my knowledge with others.


The time has arrived to open the doors to others and invite women, men, teenagers that feel ready to make the first step toward a more balanced way to live their life. Let me hold your hand, until your wings are strong enough to be the only and true captain of your own life. Go and sail all the big waves and strong currents that life will bring to you.


“ What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly? “ cit.

Know that I will be here to assist you to stand up and try again and again.
Create your own safe space where you always can go back.

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