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My mission is to create a safe space to allow you to let go and rediscover your true self by nourishing all your potential and step forward on a transformative wellness journey.


Together we will embrace balance, tranquility and all challenges. Through the practice of Yoga, Qigong and the living in the present moment, we will emerge in a deep state of joy to uncover all the possibilities awaiting for us.


I am dedicated to provide accessible and transformative experiences, guiding individuals on a journey to achieve physical strength, mental clarity and inner peace. Let’s smile and discover together.


Ways We Can Connect Together

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A personalised guided journey to discover your true potential and embrace life. Annalisa will share different techniques to lead you toward your unique success.
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Private or group classes in person or online of Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.
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Private or group classes in person or online of Medical Qigong to rejuvenate your body – rebalance your energy and enhance longevity.
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Reconnect and say “yes” to yourself. Experience a unique blend of meditation, yoga, qigong and wellness coaching. Immerse yourself in one of our wellness and mindful retreats to restore your body, mind and energy, surrounded by breath-taking nature, peaceful atmosphere and fondness.

The Medical Qigong sessions consists of treatments provided by Annalisa to regulate the client Qi (energy).
After each treatment the client will be given Qigong prescriptions to assist in their ongoing healing. This will include Qigong exercises using physical movements, breathing methods and mental intention to correct and restore the function in the body.

My Story

Hello! My name is Annalisa Efendy and I will be your guide on your spiritual journey. As an accredited WM Qigong Certified Practitioner and QGE Trainer, I have been practicing Hatha Yoga, WM Qigong, massage therapy, Watsu,  Healing Dance and integrating these holistic practices for over 10 years.


I have lived in remote places all over the world, and have gone inward in search for a deeper meaning of self, wisdom, awareness and achievement of wellbeing. Join me as we embark together on a spiritual journey using the practices I have cultivated.

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